I've always been a Mudlark. Happy in the dirt, digging for worms, planting seeds and hoping some will grow. And now that I'm a grown up, I want to play in the mud even more. Time away from work is precious, so it should be filled with the things you love the most.

Mudlark is local in nature, but global in intent. 

We don’t only want to supply services, but also entertainment, adventures and an insight into what we're learning.

If you can take the journey with us and create your own art, garden or happy place, that's a great achievement for us all.

Do you wanna learn how to make lino prints? Me too!

How about creating a wildlife pond, no matter how small your garden? Yes!

Hanging some wallpaper for the first time? I'd have been lost without the advice of others.

Come with us, we really want you along for the ride.