Welcome to Mudlark


Being in the garden is where I find myself most content.  I lose hours out amongst the plants.  I spend entire mornings sitting and watching the interaction of leaf and stem, insect and flower.   This blog will be a great place for me to keep all my thoughts and plans, and I’ll be regularly writing about our own garden as well as other peoples. 


I’ve long had a love of visiting gardens, and wanted that love to be at the heart of my personal celebration leading up to my 40th birthday.  During my 40th year I want to visit 40 gardens, giving me the opportunity to be inspired by established landscapes and a multitude of different interpretations of garden space.  I have until 13 November 2018 to visit 40 gardens, and have so far managed 27. Just a few more to go!

My degree is in ceramics and glass, and it’s something I’ve not made use of since I had my children. Now seems like a good time to start exploring my creativity again, and Mudlark is going to be a great way to apply that creativity.  Ceramics applies itself well to gardening and interior design, and I’m really looking forward to spending the winter months planning and building some containers and sculptures.

Whilst planning the endless decoration and improvement of our home, my husband and I have to think about where we can best display all the beautiful picture, illustrations and photographs we have collected over the years. 

Me with my 2 boys, Seth (11) and Archie (14)

Me with my 2 boys, Seth (11) and Archie (14)

Tom, my husband, is an illustrator, and we have many wonderful examples of his work framed around the house.  He’ll be blogging about the things that are currently turning his head, whether that’s other illustrators, new techniques he’s trying out, or his latest love of spoon carving. He will also be selling limited edition prints of his work in our online shop. Eventually there will be lots more  exclusive Mudlark wares available - tea towels, tin mugs, spoons, ceramics and wallpaper. A lot of Tom's inspiration comes from the coastal landscape, and especially Mersea Island where we live. We will also be using Mudlark to share the wonderful businesses, services and community projects that are constantly springing up on the island.

We hope you’ll come along with us on our journey as we explore the things that make us happy. Life is short, and it should be filled with as much of the good stuff as possible.  We’re going to sow some seeds and see what grows. 

Tabby Knight